Emotional Intelligence- the Differentiator for Top Talent

formula for successToday’s challenge for Human Resources and Talent Management Professionals is identifying candidates with the critical soft skills necessary for managing and leading through ambiguity, complexity and change. While the right skills and experience are important, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is often the quality that differentiates exceptional employees and leaders from average.

As experts in Talent Acquisition over the past 20+ years, we recognize this challenge.  As a result, we have partnered with an expert Emotional Intelligence vendor, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (www.6seconds.org), and are introducing an assessment for measuring Emotional Intelligence to help Clients understand not only the skills and experience of potential recruits, but their Emotional Intelligence as well.

Why EQ?  How EQ Elevates the Hiring Process

It is well known that managers and leaders with high EQ are capable of some or all of the following:

  • Productive self-management and control
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Developing deep rapport and trusting relationships
  • Collaborating and sharing with ease
  • Bouncing back from adversity
  • Taking initiative and making things happen
  • Communication that connects and resonates
  • Inspiring and influencing others
  • Creating great conditions for others to thrive
  • Effectively leading change

Understanding EQ rounds out a holistic view of a candidate and provides greater insight to their likelihood of achieving sustainable success. Through our assessment tool, you can take a ‘deep dive’ on a final shortlist of candidates or use the assessment tool to provide extra insight in sorting through large quantities of applicants.

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